80% of New Year's Resolutions Fail by February — Put Yourself First This Year to Achieve Yours #MEFIRST

Uncoverd MEFIRST Guide: How to Treat Yourself with the Care You So Richly Deserve & Very Likely Aren't Getting

Download Uncoverd's #MEFIRST Guide: How to Treat Yourself with the Care You So Richly Deserve & Very Likely Aren't Getting

When I think of the dynamic UncoverdWomen I know, a pattern emerges. We are overachievers, people pleasers (though we don't like to admit it), juggling a million obligations, relationships, and expectations at once while trying to execute well with grace. We are under pressure!

At the same time, we recognize the importance of our health (physical, mental and emotional), and making me time a priority. We try hard to balance our well-being and ambitions, professional and personal. I certainly struggle with keeping all the balls in the air, and sometimes I make decisions that aren’t in my favor as a means of escape or in submission to obligations. I wanted to create a guide that would truly help me, and #UncoverdWomen, achieve common New Year’s goals in sometimes unconventional ways that deliver immediate results. We’ve tested them ourselves and consulted experts.

#UncoverdWomen moving at breakneck pace at work, or with kids, or both can read this on the go because it is digestible, immediately practical and delivers quick results. This guide will help you consider ways to experiment with your style, hit your body goals while looking smashing, manage stress from anywhere in any situation without the need for elaborate preparation or guidance, get to the root of your definition of a good life to empower you to start living it, and intentionally overcome issues that currently prevent you from living the life you want. In a nutshell, it’s meant to help you get clear, intentional, and moving stylishly forward.


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