80% of New Year's Resolutions Fail by February — Put Yourself First This Year to Achieve Yours #MEFIRST

When I think of the dynamic UncoverdWomen I know, a pattern emerges. We are overachievers, people pleasers (though we don't like to admit it), juggling a million obligations, relationships, and expectations at once while trying to execute well with grace. We are under pressure!  Download Uncoverd's #MEFIRST Guide: How to Treat Yourself with the Care You So Richly Deserve & Very Likely Aren't Getting

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Is Fashion Modern? The MoMA Explores Fashion's Place in Society

"Fashion is now being recognized by curators, writers, and researchers outside its very core—as well as by designers and by the people who Instagram it, dream of it, borrow it, buy it, wear it, and monetize it—as the gold mine it has always been: an intersectional, global, cultural, social, and political phenomenon." Uncover the MoMA's exhibition "Items: Is Fashion Modern", a lens through which we at Uncoverd define what we believe makes fashion modern.

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