Akoma1260 is a luxury fashion label that works with the International Trade Center's flagship program, Ethical Fashion Initiative, that trumpets the motto, “Not Charity, Just Work,” to ensure all design, sourcing and manufacturing efforts meet fair trade standards. First intrigued by Kente cloth when a friend wore it at a wedding in 2011, Akoma founder Stephanie Theis Fajardo spent time extensively researching the fabric on the ground in Ghana. After receiving positive feedback on a jacket commissioned for her personal use she founded Akoma. Akoma intertwines Stephanie's love of Africa and her native Colombia; all garments are made using exclusive handmade West African textiles from Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso, and manufactured by hand, beginning to end, in Colombia.
Akoma is an ancient Ghanaian Adinkra symbol that means “heart” and 1260 is equivalent to hummingbird's heart beats per minute. The hummingbird in Akoma's logo is a native bird of the Americas that signifies love, joy, beauty and serves as a reminder to savor each moment. Each garment is carefully considered and curated to deliver an unexpected fusion of cultures and styles in silhouettes that transcend time and place. 

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