Nan Seo

Twenty year fashion industry veteran designer, Nan Seo, set out to create the highest quality cashmere products available priced competitively to encourage as many consumers to join her on her mission to provide living wages to local cashmere goat farmers in Mongolia. Goats are combed not sheared, leaving them with coats to protect against Mongolia's extreme climate fluctuations, and disease that often results when goats are left without their double fleece from shearing. Only a few pieces are made at a time. Antique whites are not dyed; instead each sweater is the color of the goat's hair when combed. As a result, each sweater of the same style is unique. Black and gray sweaters are dyed in the same pool to reduce dye use. Nan is currently exploring natural dying to eliminate chemical waste from her supply chain. Nan makes sumptuous products with impeccable, modern details for an elevated take on wardrobe staples.

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