RENÉ HABIE is the result of living life with open eyes, and the desire to translate meaningful experiences into physical objects. Jewelry is at its best an intimate experience. When made with care, it can touch our bodies for a lifetime. As such, jewelry becomes part of our being in a way that few objects can. With this idea of longevity and intimacy in mind, RENÉ HABIE celebrates simple but strong design. Each piece is finished only when nothing more can be removed. While inspiration comes from various places—from architecture to the cosmos, from art to design—the resulting jewelry shares a minimalist style and an appreciation for the archetypal.  

RENÉ HABIE is founded on creative and ethical choices. The brand's jewelry is bespoke and handcrafted by expert artisans in Antigua, Guatemala. Ethical manufacturing is the brand's standard. That's why RENÉ HABIE donates 5% of its profits to New Roots Foundation—dedicated to supporting art, education and the environment in Guatemala.

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