Whole9Yards is an international womenswear label headquartered in Singapore known for its work with reconstructed lace and unique print fabrications. Its approach—unconventional femininity—is intended to provoke people to look beyond a pretty facade and recognize that a woman can wear feminine clothing like lace dresses and simultaneously have a strong personality and character. The aim is to show a woman as multi-faceted. Hence, imagery that employs nonconformist styling - lace dress with grunge sneakers, denim with custom prints, and facial expressions that convey an array of thoughts and emotions some serious, others humorous.
This season, Whole9Yards’ award winning Creative Director, Daniel Ngoo, was charmed by imaginary friend, Charlotta. Born and raised in the colorful town of Manarola in Italy, Charlotta has been living and working in New York for two years. Although she leads a modern city lifestyle and proudly calls herself a “New Yorker,” she often finds herself carried away, as if by a pair of invisible wings, to another dimensional space filled with pastels, and romantic and carefree pursuits just like her hometown. This intertwining transition is captured in the collection through a mixture of modern chic and dreamy romantic elements. Shades of rose pink, lemon, mint and smoky blue form the main color palettes of the season. Together with Whole9Yards’ signature use of reconstructed laces, the collection paints a vivid picture of the colourful landscape of Manarola.


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