Self expression is our guiding principle. We enable women who seek a unique voice and perspective on style - tastemakers - to source finely crafted, boldly designed, beautiful, timeless garments and accessories that reflect original thought. See the Uncoverd Standard.
Inspired by a New York fashion stylist's year long journey across the globe. We believe experiencing places and identities different from our own expands our thinking, understanding and creativity, and gives new meaning to what we wear. Uncoverd shares inspiring, thought provoking cultural experiences through the lens of fashion items hand-picked from designers that hail from different countries around the world. 
A garment with a personal story is more valuable than one without.


Schuanne Cappel, Founder & Creative, Uncoverd

Founder's Note

The truth is we don’t need a lot of stuff. I’m not aiming to add more stuff to our closets. On any given day, you’ll likely find me wearing a black turtleneck or top, black pants with signature finish at the cuff, and silver brogues. I could be one of hundreds of women simultaneously wearing an identical outfit walking down a New York street. My point of difference is the authentic, traditional Hmong garb I wear as a jacket that I found in Laos, the statement ring made of gold and tiger’s eye I picked up in Vietnam or any number of the items I’ve found while traveling the globe that have come to represent my relationship with its designer, my understanding of the local culture, people I met, things I ate, witnessed, smelled and heard, and the ups and downs of my experience in country.
I believe that each of us is meant to express our points of difference. The clothing we wear, the personal stories they help us to tell are an opportunity to confidently express ourselves as ourselves instead of as the hundredth woman brushing past in a black turtleneck and pants. It’s my wish that Uncoverd empowers you to Uncover something special that excites you. I wish for women to dress, think, create, and act consciously using their own ideas as driving forces instead of industry dictated trends. And I hope women will consume less, but better.
IN SHORT: It’s important to me to add clothing and accessories to our closets that will enhance our awareness and understanding of ourselves and world cultures, inspire continued manufacturing of forward thinking design, and positively impact environmental conservation. I want to add clothing and accessories to our lives that matter.
Uncoverd Woman /ˌənˈkəvərd ˈwo͝omən / : a woman who has a firm grasp of who she is: an elegant, daring, intellectual, cultured woman, a leader, and effortlessly interesting personality. She is atypical and as such she appreciates uniqueness, quality and has the confidence to express herself unapologetically.
Schuanne Cappel

All products sold on Uncoverd meet the


1. 90% of items on www.uncoverd.world are hand made or finished with care and expertise. If you truly want special items made with design, tradition, quality, ethical employment in mind, shop with us.

2. Clothing to be worn and collected. Special garments and accessories that are limited in quantity, unique in design.

3. Stylist approved. We partner with personal stylists that work with women who care about a polished appearance. They come to us for the unexpected; pieces you can't find anywhere else. Are you a stylist? Inquire about partnering with us. 

4. Published. Our online publication, the U-JOURNAL, tells the stories behind many of these standout products through written and visual editorials, guides, op-eds, and editor’s picks.

Uncoverd Standard Fine Craftsmanship 


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