What's the secret to a one of a kind look?

I'll tell you from personal experience: I'm a former New York based fashion stylist. What sets me apart from the millions of New York women wearing black basics is the authentic Hmong garb I layer on as a jacket that I found in Laos, my gold tiger's eye statement ring picked up in Vietnam, and more that I've collected on my travels, which represent my experiences around the globe. Experiencing places and identities different from my own expands my thinking, understanding and creativity, and gives new meaning to what I wear. I feel proud to wear the items I've collected. And I'm constantly reminded of how special they are through fond memories, and as strangers stop to ask me about them. AND...

Through Uncoverd I gift you the experience of wearing handpicked designer pieces that:

(a) are different from what you'd find in other stores

(b) elicit a response. If you've chosen something from Uncoverd it's because it speaks to you; it represents your authentic aesthetic. What could make you feel more empowered than showing up as your authentic self? Because we're all attracted to confidence, I'm sure you'll also receive a compliment or a few.

(c) tell stories about where they came from because a garment with a story is more valuable than one without.

Need help choosing something for yourself or someone else? A personal shopper or I will guide you. Contact Us.


Schuanne Cappel, Founder

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