Schuanne Cappel, Founder of Uncoverd

"Uncoverd is meant to excite you and enable your freedom of expression. It's meant to set you apart for your individuality. It is a gateway to world culture through innovative designers. And it's meant to empower you to wear pieces that reflect values rooted in sustainability." 

Schuanne Cappel, Founder


When you get dressed what makes you feel confident and special? 

Schuanne here. I'd love for you to share what those elements are for you by e-mailing me. Personally, I feel most confident and special when I'm wearing something eye-catching that deeply resonates with me, and tells a story. My clothing and accessories imply that I am unique, intriguing, bold and worldly. 

In 2015, I set out on a trip through Asia and Europe that forever changed my life. Uncoverd was borne out of my desire to share the aesthetics and experiences I lived and breathed working with independent designers at home and abroad with you. I want you to feel just as confident and special wearing their pieces as I do.

Singapore, Jan 2015

Fashion Editorial Photoshoot, Singapore January 2015

I landed in Singapore and set to work styling a photoshoot with Australian independent designer pieces, namely Zoe Champion Knitwear that since has grown to become a brand worn by celebrities such as Ashanti, featured in Elle, L'Officiel, The Gentlewoman and more. I have always been advocate and early adopter of independent designers. Photographer: David Goh

Vietnam, March 2015

AVANA Vietnam Ad Campaign, March 2015

After a couple months spent in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos, I traveled to Vietnam, which blew me away. Its people, history, customs and cuisine bear strong identities. In Hoi An, I met Belgian designer, Aldegonde Van Alsenoy, who a decade earlier produced textiles for Haider Ackermann. After styling an ad campaign for Aldegonde (team and two ad images above), she introduced me to the spellbinding Nga Duong whose jewelry you can shop on Uncoverd now

Nga Duong at GAM compilation

Nga walked me through her sumptuous boutique, social lounge, and museum dedicated to gemstones collected all over Vietnam. Her jewelry is as stunning and unique as she is. I bought a striking gold tiger's eye statement ring from her on the spot. Whenever I wear that ring I receive questions and compliments that transport me back to meeting her and fixing my eyes on her astounding jewelry and exquisite interior design tastes.

22K Gold Vermeil Tiger's Eye Cocktail Ring


Pieces that move you, align with your true aesthetic. Wear them. Because nothing makes you feel more powerful than showing up as your authentic self.

Left: Duong Jewelry & Objects Candy Double Long Ring and Dotty Round Medallion Necklace 

Nga introduced me to one half of the couple behind Chula Fashion House. I'd cycled past a Chula boutique earlier that day and was struck by the creativity and colors; it was unlike anything I'd ever seen. She introduced me to her husband, Diego Del Valle Cortizas, the designer behind the brand. Together, they introduced me to a photographer in Hanoi, where I was headed, and invited me to Vietnam Fashion Week.


Chula Fashion House, March 2015


At fashion week QuangNhat stood out amongst the brands showing, which is why the brand is available to shop here on Uncoverd. I met Nhat Quang and praised him for his works' originality and captivating quality. Moments later, an aspiring model and fashion entrepreneur, Korkem, approached. With all the elements necessary for a photoshoot, I proposed one that I think captures glimpses of everyday life in Hanoi.

Photoshoot, Hanoi March 2015

I love learning about new cultures. Experiencing places and identities different from my own expands my thinking, understanding and creativity, and gives new meaning to what I wear. I treasure the fashion items I collect, and they will be a part of my wardrobe until it's time to pass them onto the next generation.

Photoshoot, Hanoi, Vietnam March 2015

Tokyo and Hong Kong, April 2015

In Tokyo and Hong Kong I met a dozen or more emerging designers who energized me. They were thinking about form, sustainability, and of course how to make it in this industry.

Malaysia, April 2015

Photoshoot, Malaysia April 2015

Malaysia's fashion industry is strong and exciting. The photographers, hair stylists, make up artists, agents, models, etc. are excellent. The designers are pushing boundaries while staying true to their traditions. There, I styled a shoot with photographer Chin Too, borrowing clothing and accessories from two rockstar brands that I hope to bring to Uncoverd one day soon.

Copenhagen, August 2015

I attended multiple shows during Copenhagen fashion week. While there I met designers Cecilie Bahnsen, Ivan Grundahl, Henrik Vibskov, and scouted emerging designers of the future. The fashion and art scenes are ripe and exciting there. I was inspired by the Louisiana Museum's Africa exhibit namely, Enric Bach and Adrià Monés' film "Sunday in Brazzaville" about Congolese Sapeurs, and an Alexander Calder sculpture that would later figure into Uncoverd through jewelry designer Tara Elwin.

New York, May 2016 - present

After returning to the US, I launched Uncoverd as an immersive shopping experience filled with handpicked pieces by independent designers. Now that Uncoverd is solely online it will evolve as a digital interactive space of discovery and culture.

Uncoverd's story includes who made your pieces, how, and their impact.
Schuanne Cappel observing Michelangelo Pistoletto's Venus of Rags, Istanbul 2015

Uncoverd's designers provide fair paying jobs to skilled artisans in their parts of the world, preserve ancient techniques and cultural references, and sometimes use recycled materials such as gold, diamonds, wood, denim, etc., which stems environmental impact.

Uncoverd's vintage and pre/loved offering reduces textile waste.

Our selection is design driven, but timeless, and seasonless. This creates less waste and reduces pressure on designers and artisans to produce and sell an entirely new collection every few months in order to survive.

And items are made to last in quality and design. While some pieces make a strong statement, we think they can be pulled out of your closet over a lifetime.

You can be part of Uncovering something so much greater than fashion: design, culture, and a sustainable future.

It's not fashion. It's an experience. 


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